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How it all happened.
I started designing right from Grade 8. I would spend the whole day creating 3d models in Cinema 4D and super cool text animation sequences in After Effects.
In Grade 10, my friends and I decided to make short films. As a result, I started loving the creative side of myself. Learnt visual effects, film making and video editing. We tried to do something different each time we made a short film. You can still watch all of them on my YouTube Channel. Not proud of them, but proud of the effort we had put in, haha.
Was elected as the Head of the Design Team in college and was in charge of recruiting members to the team, delegating work, and overseeing all the work. It included creating posters, videos, animations, etc., for the college fest. I was told they had never seen anyone of my caliber until they saw my work.
I started my YouTube Channel in 2015, where I taught Graphic Design and Motion Design using Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Today my YouTube Channel stands at 71k+ subscribers.
My life changed in 2017 when Adobe sponsored me to attend one of the largest Design Conferences in India, Design Up. That's when I knew what I wanted to become in life—a world class product designer.
I began learning as much I could for almost a year while finishing up my under graduation and CA course.
In September 2018. I got my first job as a Product Designer. 4 months later, I moved to Unacademy (One of the largest unicorns in India today). I got an offer from Apple 1.5 years later and have been working there since then.
Currently on the lookout for senior or lead roles. Willing to relocate outside India.
Why I'm obsessed with design.
I love creating things. Could be a 10,000 piece puzzle or putting together a bunch of lego blocks.
I've realised that I enjoy solving complicated problems in life because it pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and try and do different things. That's one of the reasons I've been able to accumulate a wide variety of skills today. I believe I do a pretty good job at it.
I've been able to figure out a very strong design process that pretty much helps me solve any problem thrown at me. I believe with a strong process, you can solve anything even if you have no idea how to.
I ensure to keep up with everything that's happening in the design industry across the world. I like to stay on top of things so that I know what to look forward to in my career.
I pay very close attention to detail. I like to be a perfectionist even though people say you don't have to be one. Obsessing about wanting to make everything as perfect as I can has brought me to where I am today. So yeah!
I pick up projects or work on things that can make a huge impact. The degree of impact is what matters to me. I often ask myself, 'If I do this. How big of an impact will it make?'
How I give back to the community.
Being a self taught designer, I know how hard it is for people to get their foot into this industry and navigate through it. Let's be honest, there is no bootcamp, certification, design school that equips you to be industry ready. And solving this problem has as always been my biggest goal in life.
I've been creating educational content ever since I started my YouTube Channel in 2015. I've been told that my way of explaining things is top notch.
I've created many courses, personally mentored designers, put out educational content on YouTube and Instagram (which now has more than 18k followers), delivered 10+ talks at universities and design meet ups (online and offline).
I love meeting designers, talking about design and sharing design gyan, haha.
I take every opportunity to give back to the community and I've got plans to do a whole lot more.
Life philosophies I live by.
Believe in yourself cause no one will do that for you.
Put in the work, give your 200% and let luck take care of rest.
It's okay to compare. But don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.
Time is the 8th wonder of the world.
You are the average of the people you surround yourself with.
You were not born to meet other's expectations. So stop caring about what others think.
How I wind down.
I love to travel. I mean who doesn't? Pre covid, I actually wanted to celebrate every new year in a different country. Not sure if that's still possible, but let's see.
I watch a ton of movies and tv shows. My current favourite is Shark Tank India and F1's Drive to Survive.
I enjoy playing badminton and football.
And, that's a wrap!