I’m a Product Designer on the Growth Team at Trade Republic, currently living in Berlin, Germany

I've previously worked at Apple and Unacademy.

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''To get things you never had, you have to do things you never did''
This philosophy is what drives the designer in me.

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best projects


I’d love to, but I’m really not allowed to talk about it publicly 🙊

Psst! The only thing that I can say is I’ve designed some rad stuff for the Worldwide Developer Relations team (WWDR).

Helping educators manage and run their online classes effectively.

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Designed an all in one internal tool for educators and moderators to smoothly schedule, run classes, and review performance statistics.
Personal project

Splitwiser: Where splitting payment is a whole lot easier, efficient and a lot wiser!

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An all new redefined Splitwiser mobile app that helps you split your payments as you want!

Designing the 2019 Year in Review Web Experience.

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Created a fun an interactive web experience using the power of Webflow for our top 100k learners.
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A generalist focused in

product design

Product Design
Not just UI/UX, the whole of product design is my forte!
Visual Design
Yeah, I can make it pop pretty darn well.
Design Systems
Almost getting the hang of it.
Motion Design
After Effects Ninja in the making.
Webflow Development
This website you’re looking is the proof!
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mega courses


The Mega Web Design Course for Beginners

Watch it on YouTube


The Mega Webflow Course for Beginners

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The Mega Product Design Course for Beginners

Watch it on YouTube
I’ve been interviewed by many YouTubers & Design Podcasts where I talk about my unique career story, side projects and design philosophy.

My Origin Story: From CA student to becoming a Designer & YouTuber

With King Siddharth

Priceless secret tips on how to stand out from the crowd as a Designer

With Whiteboard.FM

Importance of design mentorship in a Designer's Career

With Elements of Design

Learning Motion Design and getting started with Lottie Animations

With Lottie Files

My contribution to

the Community

I run a YouTube Channel called Design Pilot where I primarily teach Product Design along with Motion Design, and Webflow.

71K+ Subscribers • 180+ Tutorials • 6M+ Views

I've also delivered 10+ talks at multiple universities and design meetups.

What people i've worked with

say about me

As a leading resource provider in the Webflow space, we have relied on Chethan to uphold our incredibly high build requirements, and he always delivers to our scope.
Tom Bekkers, Founder of
Chethan not only has an amazing ability to design, but he studies the craft relentlessly. I was first introduced to Chethan when he put together a complete re-design of our mobile app as a side project. I was blown away by the time, effort, and quality of what he delivered.
Phil Starkovich, Founder of TubeBuddy
Chethan demonstrated an approach I would expect from someone at the top of their field. I was thoroughly impressed with the product design provided to us. It exceeded our expectations.
Danny Thai, Founder of an EV Startup
Chethan is not only a super passionate professional but a leader that brings the best out of those around him! Since collaborating with Chethan, we have been able to achieve our product goals and grow exponentially.
Managing Director at WKND • Ex Uber

And that's a wrap!

And that's a wrap!

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Piqued your interest?

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Just holler!